Simple Site Design Mistakes That Are Costly to Your Business

Most of what is known about web design was uncovered years ago, and now it is just technology that changes with new bells and whistles. There is a lot to know about in the area of website, or blog, design mistakes, and this article will point you in the right direction.

One important aspect of a site that many webmasters do not think about is their visitors should be able to immediately know what is going on. web design company The obvious danger is if people have a hard time knowing why they are there, then they tend to not stick around for long. Just look at how you behave on a site, if you do not like it for any reason – you are out of there. As you know, online readers do not generally spend a lot of time reading because they skim text; so that means your text has to be formatted to support that. Huge pieces of content do not make the grade; you have to break it up so it looks easy to read. Think about using more white space because that just makes it look easier to read (scan) and people will do it. Do stay far away from using your favorite kind of font that you just love because it looks so cool – it is about your readers and not you. This is about design and usability concepts that are critical to the success of your site.

If you look around, you’ll find that the majority of the big websites have one thing in common – clean URL structures. Gone are the days when your URL had to be a long string of numbers and digits that make no sense.growth seo agency Much depends on the situation and why the URL is long and unwieldy.

The reason for this is, having a clean URL with your keywords in place of the numbers will allow you to get a higher search engine ranking. Besides that, your visitors won’t have problems understanding what your page is about by looking at the URL. [lsc=580] Many people tend to have problems copying and pasting complex URLs because even missing one single digit can lead to a broken link. But if you have a blog, then it is a different story because you have choices with changing the URL structure.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite color is, you need to seriously focus on the color scheme of your site as per the view of your target audience. You can easily find color wheels on the net that help you choose color combinations. The focus of your visitor should be on the content and the colors of your website shouldn’t prove to be too distracting. [lsc=580] The best approach is to think from the perspective of your visitors and niche audience. Remember, the more appealing your visitors find your site, the higher are the chances of them returning back. [lsc=580] Proper grammar and good writing concerns are part of usability, too, so do not forget that.