The Best Small Writing Desk: Find The Best Desk For You

#TITLE# The Best Small Writing Desk: Find The Best Desk For You #/TITLE# You might think your little apartment can’t match a home office, but with the right desk, you can turn any space into the perfect work nook–yes, even that awkward, unused corner you have been ignoring. Whether you choose a narrow writing desk, a wall-mounted ladder desk, a floatingtable, a glamorous desk, or a corner-shaped desk, there is an option out there for your dwelling.

What is the best small writing desk for you?

Before we start, make sure to consider your work, what you do, and the way you work. Your personal needs will be different depending on your position and the sort of work you do. Tiny apartments or little offices, low ceilings, or even just plain space constraints can be overcome with the right writing desk. We spoke to our editors to find out which sort of writing desk they recommend for someone who lives in a very small space. Although some prefer to go large, others may find a desk with lots of drawers and compartments works best for their needs. (A totally affordable, modern, and chic choice is that this top-selling desk, which is large enough for a small flat but will never take over your whole work space.

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A modern, narrow writing desk

If you are short on square footage, you may want to invest in a smaller desk to squeeze in that closet or toilet. Small writing desks are always an option. They are usually narrow and typically sit on a base which can be swiveled, but that is where the similarities end. If you can afford it, you can spend up to $2,000 on a tall, slim writing desk which can fit in a corner, and if you are on a budget, you could even create your own base or buy one from a DIY store. Many narrow writing desks are also rectangular or square (though any shape should work), and while many are constructed using solid wood, some are made from plywood or MDF.

A wall-mounted, ladder-shaped desk

Price: $385 in Natural Home & Garden This gorgeous desk is adjustable to fit your needs and your space. Featuring legs that feature each of the four standard height choices of 23.9 inches, 25.5 inches, 28 inches, and 30 inches, you may choose whichever feels best in your flat. The top has four conveniently placed shelves for storing papers and books.

A small desk that can fit in any corner

Price: $48.99 at Amazon This compact writing desk fits easily into any room, whether it is a corner, under a table, or tucked into a tight space. The surface of the desk is foldable, which means you can match your desk inside, but you can also push it up for storage. It includes three steel legs and a metal wall shelf for storing your possessions.

A floating, table desk

Those people who work on laptops or flip-open tablets usually benefit from a shelf- or – table-type solution, but some laptop computers will be restricted to a vertical position, which will make them a pain to use while standing up. A folding table-type desk is excellent for such conditions, since it may also be set up in portrait or landscape orientation. Cory Housemaid/Shutterstock An adjustable writing desk A narrow table-type desk is very good for standing up and functioning, but if your table is too wide or too long to work on, there is an adjustable solution: A narrow writing desk can be lifted up on legs to create an extra-large surface. This gives you more space to work with your laptop. Budget pick: These 3-tier adjustable desks, which adjust in length and in height, are less than $100.

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A glamorous, L-shaped desk

Let’s face it, you probably don’t want to unpack your whole office for your little space, but it doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. Rather, decorate your workspace with a luxe L-shaped desk that doubles as a lounge chair, which includes wheels so you can move it wherever you’d like (and it is machine washable). Need more storage space? You can benefit from the open space and utilize shelves to house extra supplies. Most L-shaped desks come with seat attachments, but if you want the option of sitting while working, this desk is easy to fold up. From $324. Like all things convertible and portable, you won’t have the ability to keep this desktop for very long–the thing is only 24 inches long and 17 inches wide.


To see all the products mentioned previously, head on over to Amazon now. There are a ton of great finds on the current market, and there is no need to spend a fortune to create a dedicated office space in your dwelling.

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